Becky Blitch

Hi! I’m Becky Blitch, a credentialed coach with nearly 15 years’ experience in human development and helping professions. I’m a “full service” coach and work with clients on nearly every aspect of personal and professional life.

We are all seeking richer, more meaningful lives with less stress and more balance. There are many threads that, woven together, make up the tapestry of our lives: work, friendship, creativity, spirituality, romance, physical health, and so on. I coach high achieving people who want their tapestries to be more balanced, brighter, better cared for, and more authentic reflections of their true selves.

Life balance, integration, resilience, and authenticity aren’t buzzwords for me. I was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy as an infant when I failed to crawl or walk. I always excelled academically, earning an MA in Transformative Leadership from the California Institute for Integral Studies; completing the ICF ­Accredited Coach Training Program at the Institute for Life Coach Training; and receiving training and certification from the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence.

But growing up using a wheelchair and needing assistance with even minor activities, I instinctively knew that academics weren’t everything. To live the life I wanted, I would need other people to support me, which meant communication, empathy, intuition, and leadership. And now, having developed those skills over a lifetime, I also know the value of self­care, speaking up for myself, letting go of perfectionism, setting and keeping boundaries, and fostering resilience. My “tapestry” might not look like most others, but it works beautifully for me; I can partner with you in crafting yours so that your personal needs, values, and dreams are all in balance and integrity.

We all are capable of leading happier, more fulfilling lives! As a coach, I drawn my my own life experiences to support my clients in overcoming the challenges they face, in learning from those challenges, and in finding “silver linings,” the gifts, opportunities, possibilities, and strengths revealed as they move through
life’s obstacles. My commitment to each of my clients is to support them in reaching their goals while becoming the people they are meant to be.

When you’re ready to embrace a more joyful, relaxed, authentic way of being for yourself or your organization, don’t hesitate to get in touch. And thank you for taking the time to learn more!

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